Did Someone Say Microbrery?! YES: Fábrica Maravillas

C/ Valverde 29
28004 Madrid +34 915 218 753
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As a Californian, I can tell you about all the great wine you can taste from our lovely state. Fortunately living in Spain, it's not something I miss being that the worlds best wines are produced in this wonderful peninsula. There is one thing I must admit... oh how I yearn for the variety of craft beers you can find at a grocery store alone. As luck would have it for me there is an awesome dog-friendly brewery here in my neighborhood, Malasaña
La Fábrica de la Maravillas is located on Calle Valverde. It's the only microbrewery in the neighborhood and is definitely worth a visit! They've got several flavorful and high alcohol content craft beers on tap ranging from IPA's, ale's and (my personal favorite) a dark caramel Stout.
Beers come in four sizes, the smallest being a caña, 1/2 pint or a pint and finally a huge Growler you can take on the road. Prices vary between beers and sizes, they range from 1,90€ to 7,00€ They've also got a couple of tapas to choose from para picar!
Don't forget to take a tiny tour and walk towards the WCs where you'll get a peak at how the factory works! They rotate their beers and I wouldnt be surprised if they ran out of certain ones, so check out their website to see exactly what's on tap! Come in and order a pint, take a seat and admire the little modern space. Because, why miss an opportunity for the perfect Instagram photo!!!
The verdict: A great place to try Microbery in Madrid !
Most of the times is full of people