La Bicicleta (EN)

La Bicicleta Café. Plaza San Ildefonso, 9, 28004 Madrid. 915 32 97 Metro Tribunal


If you're into the whole hipster movement and you haven't been to La Bicicleta, it's as if you grew up in the early 90's and you don't know the Fresh Prince of Bell Air theme song. The staff and the place alike are very hip. Theres a nice atmosphere and you're bound to find a lot of attractive guys and girls here any day of the week! There tends to be a lot or erasmus students and foreigners as well. .


Everytime Carlos and me have gone to La Bicicleta, we ask ourselves where those anti-left handed school desks with the attached chairs from the 80's came from. Better yet, what about that huge sofa (sunken seat included) and the rundown tables. Where they picked off the street or purchased at Wallapop? This might sound like a rundown place, but believe me, it doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Sure, everything looks a little scruffy but the truth is that nothing has been improvised, every décor detail has been carefully thought out.


Yes, La Bicicleta is a trendy place, but let's not forget to mention that the food is delicious. Don't leave without tasting the hummus or any of their yummy sandwiches, Perico Delgado is worth a try! It's a good Workplace to schedule meetings or just go with a date, you're sure to have a good time! There's free Wifi throughout the place and tall and spacious tables that give preference to people with laptops to help ensure everyone is comfortable.

Another great gesture by La Bicicleta: there's always a pitchers of water and glasses on the work tables making the area look more like just a room in your house.


THE VERDICT: Worth a visit. Very original place, but don't even think about coming here on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday during busy hours, around 21.30 more or less, you probably won't find a seat, that's not counting the sunken sofa or the desk+chair combo. In any case, if you don't find a spot, you can always go to SIDI, the bar next door, which we also have a great post about.
! SATURDAYS AND SUNDAYS they have their famous 18 euro brunch. We're hoping to post something soon about these famous brunches..
! Careful: it's a mission getting to the WC, it can be quite confusing finding it, you might end up walking in the kitchen